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Project AYA

I will eat healthier foods.
I will add at least two healthy food habits to my daily routine.
I will eat more fruits and I will consume less sugar.
I will actively participate in 20-minutes of exercise, at least four times a week.

AYA, the West African Adinkra symbol for ENDURANCE is the Imani Edu-Tainers African Dance Companyís program that promotes increased physical activity and reduced obesity rates among Lancaster area youth. AYA incorporates traditional West African dance and drumming, along with the latest mobile and web technologies to educate youth about the lifelong benefits of physical activity and healthy eating.

The Problem: The combination of eating fast food more than twice a week and watching close to three hours of TV per day is making kids fatter than ever (Derrick, 1998: CDC, 2011). The PA Department of Health (2013) reported 18.2% of Lancaster County youth in grades 7-12 were overweight, and its goal is to reduce obesity rates among Lancaster County youth and promote increased physical activity.

The Solution:
Good nutrition, physical activity, and healthy body weight are critical to an individualís overall health and can reduce a personís risk of developing serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer (Healthy People, 2020). AYA provides a fun environment to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle through education on nutrition and traditional African Dance for exercise.

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