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Ayotunde Oladunjoye Also Known As Sonya Mann-McFarlane, Founding Director for Imani Edu-Tainers African Dance Company, holds a Masters Degree in Health Education from Penn State University. She has conducted extensive research on the impact of rites of passage programming on adolescent development. Her artistic ventures include the cultural impact on positive adolescent develop, of which is evident in the development of the successful Mate Masie rites of passage program (see below) presented in this book.


Rites of PassagePassage from Book: Abstract
The adolescent period, between childhood and adulthood, is an important yet prolonged developmental phase. Adolescent pregnancy is a social problem contributing to many challenges associated with this transitional period. Although adolescent pregnancy rates celebrated declines during the 1990's, current rates remain higher among African-American females than Whites. To address this social problem, many African American activists and practitioners have attempted to restore traditional African values, such as explicitly embracing ethnic identity, spirituality and respect for elders and self through the use of rites of passage programs. Adolescent rites of passage intervention strategies are incorporated into youth development programs because of the conviction that mentorship, support and education are necessary if adolescents are to develop into productive, young adults. Such interventions are grounded in the assumption that given appropriate levels of opportunity and attention, adolescents can make significant positive contributions to the communitiesand societies in which they live.

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Mate Masie : A Rites of Passage Program

MateMasie, is named after an Adinkra symbolMateMasie, is named after an Adinkra symbol of wisdom, knowledge and prudence. It translates to say, “What I hear, I keep." It is a traditional rite of passage training program designed to reduce teen pregnancy rates among girls ages 11-18 years old in Lancaster.
Mate Masie Program Brochure [PDF 144 KB]

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Mate Masie : A Rites of Passage Program